Zee.Dog x MTV

Zee.Dog x MTV Collab

When two of the most iconic global brands come together and collaborate, you know it’s going to be good …and it is!

In May, at a rooftop party in Brazil, Zee.Dog launched the limited-edition, licensed MTV collection. The design features bold geometric shapes, and the colour palette is reminiscent of the 80s and 90s. It celebrates the golden years of Music Television.

The MTV range includes all of Zee.Dog’s most popular products. These include cat and dog collars and leads, harnesses, a dog bed, and a treat dispensing toy.

It’s the collab that brings back the nostalgia of a brand that shaped a generation! This collection reinforces Zee.Dog’s vision as a lifestyle brand that crosses between the pet universe and beyond into fashion. 

“We wanted to deliver the same feeling of innovation that aggressively breaks with the traditional. It needed to be something remarkable! It wasn’t enough to just have the channel’s logo, it needed to have an impact, as we have been impacted by years of watching the channel” – Zee.Dog

Zee.Dog Air Mesh Dog Harness from the MTV collection

Zee.Dog MTV Licensed Dog Collars, Leads and Harnesses

The Zee.Dog x MTV collab features an exclusive MTV logo print and vibrant colour throughout the range.

The standard dog leash has a unique design on each side, and the signature rubber skull features a stamped MTV logo.

The Zee.Dog MTV Hands-Free Leash

A new take on the bestselling hands-free dog leash. Vibrant mixed coloured rope with speckled lime e-zee lock and an iridescent hook. The MTV Hands-Free leash has an exclusive MTV charm in contrasting orange.

It’s lightweight and perfect for walking, running, and exercising with your dog without, losing the feeling of being connected. You can wear the hands-free lead around your waist, over your shoulder, or use it as a long leash.

The MTV Zee.Bed for Dogs

The world’s first bed in a box gets an MTV makeover! The Zee.Bed MTV Music Television dog bed is an exclusive product of the collaboration with Zee.Dog.

The collection was created to celebrate the nostalgia of MTV’s golden years. It was inspired by the channel’s aesthetics in the 80s and 90s. In a round shape, it has corduroy details, an exclusive print from the collection and super soft microfiber fabric.

It has a non-slip base for stability. A zipper runs around the bed, making it easier to remove the cover for washing. The Zee.Bed comes packed inside a box, compressed using nano-compression technology.

MTV Rubber Dog Toy with Treat Dispenser by Zee.Dog

Zee.Dog’s MTV rubber toy is moulded in the shape of a retro television and has a cavity for dispensing treats. Marbled pink and green effect and made of natural rubber, it’s completely non-toxic.

Zee.Dog rubber MTV dog toy

“the most important thing was to bring an air of nostalgia to the collab. Through the striking colors that take you straight to the crazy commercials, or the classic logo of the channel, which is unforgettable” – Luiza, designer @ Zee.Dog

Zee.Dog – Connecting Dogs and People™

Zee.Dog is indisputably one of the coolest lifestyle brands for dogs, and their owners.

Initially Established in Los Angeles from the desire to find less boring (and ugly) dog accessories. Zee.Dog is now a leading brand that dog owners rely on for quality and innovation, without compromising on style.

Zee.Dog stands out by following current trends. They create pet products that meet the needs of their customers. They have a deep understanding of what people want.

One thing’s for sure, Zee.Dog product drops will always deliver something new and exciting.

 “We don’t care how old you are or what you own. Dogs never gave a damn. We don’t either. Join the movement.”

MTV – The Music Revolution will be Televised

The American television channel dominated the interests, tastes, and personalities of the 80’s and 90’s generations around the world. MTV did much more than bring music to viewers: it promoted a true artistic revolution. Hugely influential and popular, it’s programming significantly impacted youth culture at the time. MTV shaped an entire generation’s music taste, culture, and fashion.

The channel was born with the mission to be bold and subversive. Mixing video clips of different musical styles, the network was also known for its iconic and unforgettable programs.

“Few brands in the world have such a special nostalgic connection as MTV” – Thadeu Diz, Zee.Dog Creative Director and co-founder.

Dog playng with Zee.Dog rubber dog toy

The complete collection is now available from Zee.Dog.

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…yes, Im a long time Zee.Dog fan!