SPCA Cupcake Day

30 Day Cupcake Challenge for the SPCA

I have seen lots of people committing themselves online to all manner of challenges; some of them for 30 days, and the die hards for 100 days. Well, I wanted to get in on the action too, but I couldn’t think of a challenge that I could really get enthused about.

Today it hit me: 30 days of cupcakes! And not just any cupcakes, animal cupcakes!

In the lead up to the annual SPCA Cupcake day on 24th August, I am going to be baking mega cupcakes anyway, so I figured why not take it into overdrive and make it a full month of them.

My ultimate goal is to raise funds for the SPCA, so I am going to theme all of my daily creations around the central theme of animals.

I am excited to get started, but also concerned if I will actually fit a daily bake in to my already busy life. And not to mention the fact that it has been years since I baked, and the other small issue that I have actually never piped icing or worked with fondant before.  Anyhow, all worries aside, I’m going to do it!

Hopefully I will avoid disaster and none of my baked delights will go viral on the net as ‘epic fails’!

I begin my culinary adventure on the 1st of August. To follow my 30 days of animal cupcakes, come and join me on Instagram.

And, if you would like to support my charity cupcake challenge and make a small donation then please visit my fundraising page, all donations go directly to the SPCA.  Make a Donation

Thanks for your support!

SPCA Fundraiser