Kitty it’s COLD outside | 2018 Edit

Cat Winter

Here it is, the 2018 Winter Edit ‘Kitty it’s COLD outside!’

Everything you need to stay warm and snuggle puss, on the couch. Bliss.

These are my favourite finds…

  • Bond & Co, cable knit with confetti. Who doesn’t love some pom-poms?! Available from Animates
  • Cats on Instagram, by @Cats_of_Instagram. Find it on Amazon
  • The Secret Diary of Tiddles, Aged 3 3/4, by Gemma Correll. Find it on Amazon
  • That Cat Track Pant. Available from Peter Alexander
  • Purr Tea Cat Infuser. Fill with loose tea leaves and hang his little paws over your tea cup. Cutest cuppa in no time! Available from Iko Iko
  • Catnip Yeti Cat Toys. Handcrafted by Miso Handmade, sold on Etsy
  • Felt Kitty Cave by Le Forge. Available from Smack Bang
  • Pocket Hotty! I found these on Nood, slip them in your pocket to keep your hands warm, genius!