Dogs With Stories – The Book

Dogs With Stories - the book by Mardo El-Noor

Dogs with Stories by Mardo El-Noor captures New Zealanders with their four-legged friends.

Having followed the Dogs With Stories project on Instagram for some time, I was excited to see that the highly anticipated book is launching soon and available to pre-order.

New Zealand dogs with stories

This incredible art book showcases about one hundred adorable canines and their owners. Each photograph tells a unique story, showcasing the special bond between these dogs and their owners.

The carefully curated scenes within the book transport you into the homes and workplaces of dog owners around New Zealand. From cosy living rooms to busy offices, each setting reflects the unique lifestyles of both the dogs and their humans.

What truly sets this book apart is El-Noor’s photography style. His attention to detail is evident in every shot, capturing the essence of each dog’s personality. The perfectly composed images feature a quirky abundance of activity in every scene, and the vibrant colours bring these furry companions to life.

Whether you’re a dog lover or photography enthusiast, this book is a must-have. It’s a celebration of the unconditional love and joy that dogs bring into our everyday lives.

Dogs with Stories is Mardo El-Noor’s desperate call for attention, camouflaged as a vanity project and disguised in a book of pictures and text.”

This large and impressive book will make a statement on the coffee table of any home or office. It’s a great gift to yourself and a perfect present for anyone who loves dogs and visual arts.

Dogs With Stories will be out in August. Pre-order your copy today!  

Dogs With Stories – The Images

Here’s a preview of images that feature in the book…