French Bulldog playing with Bowly treat dispensing dog toy by Flevo Pets

Bowly Interactive Dog Toy. The Thinking Dog’s Game!

New to Kickstarter, Bowly by Flevo Pets is an innovative new playtime experience for dogs.

Encourage your dog’s problem-solving skills with a treat challenge that never gets easier. Keep your dog physically and mentally active by engaging their innate instincts – food, play, and prey.

Simply hide a treat inside Bowly and let the fun begin!

Enhance your dog’s playtime with Bowly by Flevo Pets

  • FDA-compliant material
  • Food-safe and BPA free
  • Durable and dishwasher safe
  • Plays on any surface
  • Fits most sized dog treats
  • Available in two sizes, for small breeds, and med-large dog breeds
  • Five minutes of play is equal to a one-mile walk

With its thoughtful and innovative design, Bowly is a great addition to any dog’s enrichment toy collection. Balancing frustration and achievement helps dogs develop problem-solving skills and keeps them mentally sharp.

Developed to engage natural canine behaviours

After conducting in-depth research on canine behaviour, Flevo Pets has developed a product tailored to meet their needs. This includes factors like breed size, bite angles, and engineering a cone shape that will provide a smooth and challenging experience. As a result, the Bowly effortlessly glides away whenever the dog attempts to grab it.

Combining physical exercise with mental stimulation is crucial for a dog’s well-being. Physical exercise keeps their bodies healthy, prevents obesity, and releases endorphins that improve mood and reduces stress levels. Mental stimulation keeps their minds active and engaged.

“Our research focused on delving into the basic elements of our dogs’ natural instincts and behaviour. This allows us to thoroughly understand what brings real happiness and satisfaction to dogs and serves as a foundation for designing the ultimate game for them. By fulfilling those instincts, Bowly helps fight boredom, anxiety, and destructive behaviour.” – Flevo Pets

Bowly enrichment dog toy with treat dispenser

Unleash your dog’s full potential with three key drivers, food, play and prey

Engaging in physical and mental activities with dogs and offering them a delicious treat helps keep them entertained. This prevents them from becoming bored and exhibiting negative behaviours. You can keep your dog happy, healthy, and engaged by offering regular exercise and intellectual stimuli.

Food and treats are prime motivators for dogs

Food keeps dogs engaged and mentally stimulated as they work to figure out how to get to the tasty reward. There are numerous advantages to incorporating food into dog toys. It promotes physical and cognitive activity, heightens their sense of smell, and satisfies natural canine instincts while providing a fun and satisfying playtime.

Play helps keep your dog active

Engaging in play is essential for dogs as it provides them with physical activity, promoting their overall well-being and vitality. Furthermore, playtime stimulates their cognitive abilities and encourages them to explore, reducing boredom, stress, and anxiety.

The design of Bowly continuously challenges your dog and improves their coordination, agility, problem-solving, and cognitive skills.

Games encourage dogs to express their natural instincts

Prey drive is a natural behaviour for dogs that is deeply rooted in their evolutionary history. Activities and toys that engage this inherent canine prey drive allow dogs to express natural behaviour and provides mental enrichment. Allowing dogs to express their prey drive productively helps to prevent boredom, anxiety, and destructive behaviour. By embracing and honouring this instinct, we can provide our furry friends with a more balanced and fulfilled life.

Dog playing with Bowly treat dispensing dog toy

Bowly provides dogs with physical and mental enrichment

Combining physical and mental activity provides a more enriching experience for dogs, helping to prevent boredom and destructive behaviour. You can keep your dog happy, healthy, and engaged by offering regular exercise and mental stimulation opportunities.

Bowly is available on Kickstarter and global shipping is available. Pledge now to get your dog a Bowly.

“Driven by our love for dogs, we are dedicated to creating innovative solutions that will make a positive difference in the lives of dogs and their human companions” – Flevo Pets

(This post is not sponsored. I love the look of this innovative new product and had to share!)

The importance of playtime for dogs

Not only does playtime benefit dogs physically and mentally, but it also strengthens the bond between dogs and their owners. Engaging in interactive games and activities creates a sense of trust and companionship, as dogs learn to rely on their owners for fun and stimulation. This shared experience fosters a deeper connection and understanding between humans and their canine companions.

Moreover, playtime offers an opportunity for dogs to socialize and interact with other dogs. Whether it’s a game of fetch at the park or a playdate with furry friends, these social interactions are crucial for a dog’s social development. They learn important social cues, such as appropriate play behaviour and communication, which can enhance their overall social skills and confidence.

In addition to the physical and social benefits, playtime also serves as a form of mental exercise for dogs. Puzzle toys, for example, challenge their problem-solving abilities and keep their minds sharp. These toys often require dogs to figure out how to retrieve a treat or solve a puzzle, stimulating their cognitive functions and preventing cognitive decline.

It’s important to note that playtime should be tailored to each individual dog’s needs and preferences. Some dogs may prefer a game of tug-of-war, while others may enjoy chasing a ball. Understanding and catering to their unique preferences ensures that playtime remains enjoyable and fulfilling for both dogs and their owners.

Incorporating playtime into a dog’s daily routine is important for their overall well-being. It provides them with physical exercise, mental stimulation, socialisation opportunities, and strengthens the bond between dogs and their owners. So, let’s grab a toy, and let the games begin!