Camping… CATS

adventure cats book cover

Taking the dog camping is old-hack. How about camping with cats!

Gone are the days when taking the family pet camping is reserved for the dog. Sure, taking the dog camping, hiking, and fishing all seems the part but exploring the great outdoors with your feline friend, perhaps not so obvious?


On discovering Adventure Cats and Camping with Cats via Instagram, I have been awakened the phenomenon that is camping… with a cat!

Camping with cats is indeed, a pastime, and one that devout and enthusiastic cat owners successfully indulge.

“Camping with Cats is dedicated to the cause of advocating for the exploration of the great outdoors with your cat. The fluffs we’ve grown to love as they sit on our windowsills and sofas basking in the warmth of the rays through the open blinds need to be let out. These naturally adventurous creatures deserve to feel the dirt beneath their paws, the heat from a campfire, and smell the musty awesomeness that is a worn-in tent.”  Camping With Cats

How would my cats, Fergie, Ted and Chip respond to a wilderness retreat? With the exception of fearless Fergie, I’m not convinced that Ted and Chip would be keen to partake. It’s great to see the cats featured below relaxed and at one with nature, albeit tethered to a harness and within arm’s reach of their people. Perhaps this is a lifestyle they were exposed to from early on?

Considering camping with your cat? Adventure Cats by Laura J. Moss is the complete guide to taking your cat into the wild.

“The meowntains are calling, and I must go — CAT”  Camping With Cats